Friday, November 14, 2008


Why do people fall for the "get it for free" ads? I mean come on people you have to pay shipping, and if you don't cancel the subscription to the item they charge ya an arm and a leg. My DumbA$$ husband seems to fall for these things all the time. Just last night I found yet another thing he bought, some stupid pomclear pills that help you lose weight (ya, right!). I asked him specifically "did you cancel this?" his response "Oh yeah I took care of it." So I go to look to see how much money we have for me to go grocery shopping , you know the thing we really need in our life's lo and behold $44.90 for POMCLEAR! is subtracted from my acct. Are you f'ing kidding me? I am just irate. Normally hey 44.90 may not be a big deal but when all I had in my acct was 61.19, it's a huge deal! Now because someone (J) was an idiot I have to go borrow money from my mother just great what a lovely beginning of my weekend. Sorry he's on my bad list today it just seems like one thing after another today.


Jess said...

That's why my dh and I have separate accounts. That we he is accountable to 3bills and his personal needs and I am accountable for the rest and my personal needs... we go in jointly for the kids.

Cat said...

Ugh! I never sign up for those things because I know I'll forget to cancel them!