Saturday, January 16, 2010

Really want a change!

I am thinking crazy I mean something that looks cute but that no one would ever expect of me not even me maybe! I'd love to change my hair, my clothes the way I wear my makeup ALL OF IT!!! I want to look in the mirror and not recognize what is looking back at me. I have always wanted to do this. I have always been worried about what others might think, would people still like me. I am not talking just every day changes like maybe my hair blue, or platinum with bright pink highlights! I want to wear tons of makeup, and crazy out there clothes. Yeah I am sure I wouldn't do it but i sure would love it. I want to cut my hair shorter too , maybe I was just meant to be born in a crazy cartoon. :)

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Anonymous said...

You know, sometimes when we are hankering for a change, we need to change the inside, not the outside. Changing the outside is short-term and instant gratification. Sometimes we look to the outside because it is easier and we feel like we can control it more. If you are bored with your looks really, go for it. But PERSONALLY, I don't think that is really going to make you happier. Ultimately, it might make you feel worse. It will fade or grow out, or look funky after a while. Or maybe it won't. I just think that it may not fit into the lifestyle you want for yourself. Do I think it would look cute? I don't know. If you feel confident about yourself and how you look, you definitely could pull it off, as Alex said. But will it make you happier?