Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's been a while...

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was fun and it was ummm interesting. I drank a little too much the night of Thanksgiving, oh that is a long story. Unfortunately half of Jeff's family knows about that one. I had a great time reconnecting with Jeff's family we went and saw Twilight Wednesday night, and much to my dismay I really disliked it. I know I have a ton of friends who are absolutely in love with the books, and the movie. I just couldn't get into it. There were parts I actually laughed at, it was just corny to me. Which really surprises me because I like some pretty lame teeny bopper type stuff. I have even tried to start reading the book 3 times, and just can't get into it. Oh well, I guess to each their own right?

After having a horrible hangover on Friday I slept all day, and woke up sick. I have a cold UGH! So for the last few days i stayed mostly in bed or asleep on the couch. I am lucky to have a hubby who understood I needed my sleep. Monday I got back into working out again, and maybe it was all the puking on Thursday night but, I lost weight over the Holiday...LOL. I am hoping to be down at least another 10 lbs by Christmas, and I think I can do it. My energy level is so much higher now, and man it feels good to be healthy. I tried to eat a piece of cake the other day and I could only eat half, it was great I got my fill of it but, didn't go over board.

Jeff goes into surgery next week. Not really thrilled about the whole thing. I mean at this time can we really afford him being off of work NO! For those who were around for his last shoulder surgery you know how much fun it was for me. The poor guy just got to sleep all the time while I was waking up every 2 hrs to change the ice in his shoulder pressure machine. Waiting on him hand and foot, not that he wouldn't for me if the tables were turned...but. I am just not looking forward to it. So look for many nights or days of complaining from me for the next 8 weeks...LOL

The kids are so excited for Christmas and have been begging to put up our tree. We live in the land of trees and yes , we have an artificial tree. We have for the last 6 yrs I believe. We started when the kids were young and we didn't want them inhaling pine needles now well, it is just convenient. Plus, I never have to water it, and it is pretty. I guess it won't be happening tonight because I am headed to a pamper chef party.

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