Thursday, December 18, 2008

Okay Toni tagged me and here is what I have to answer.

7 Random Things About Me :

1. I can fit my fist in my mouth..yep I am a freak.
2. I took Spanish for 4 yrs and well I can barely speak a word of it.
3. I hate being cold but my favorite thing is snow in the Winter...go figure.
4. I wish I lived by the ocean instead if in the mountains.
5. I don't have a favorite color I have many Orange/brown/pink/lime green and blue.
6. I have attended and been a member of many different religious churches in my 32 years.
7. My favorite thing to eat is chicken Caesar salad.


Minxy Mimi said...

I just tried to fit my fist in my mouth...couldn't do it!

Moriah said...

LOL Mimi, yeah it takes a big mouth and small hands combo... :0)