Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I went shoe shopping today I need something I can wear just everyday. I wear flip flops all the time, and I am not sure but my foot must be totally deformed or something. I tried on boots, flats, high heels knock around shoes none of them fit, and no I was not just one size. I could fit my foot in 7's and 8's what the heck!!! I must have tried on at least 70 pairs and went to 3 different stores. I even tried on ugly shoes that i wouldn't normally buy to see if they would fit NOPE! They were either to tight in front and no WIDES are too wide for me. they would fit perfect but would be too big in the back. They would hurt in the back or pinch my foot on the top. Ugh you name it, and that was wrong with them. I love shoes, and used to own like over 70 pairs. After having kids I got lazy or poor I guess, and decided flip flops were my shoe of choice unless there was snow on the ground. So has wearing flip flops for years screwed my feet up? Has losing weight made my feet get deformed? OK seriously trying to keep myself from swearing in the store or crying. I just want two pairs of shoes that i can wear a cute pair to go out with friends or a nice dinner or dancing, and ones I can just throw on and are super comfy. Really is that so much to ask???

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Minxy Mimi said...

I feel and live your pain... I never can wear shoes, my feet are paddles. I have no advice, just know I get ya!