Thursday, January 1, 2009

Life has gotten away from me.

Sorry I haven't been writing in a long time. With Jeff being out of comission I decided or chose to take over his "man" duties...LOL. Not the smartest. We got Alex a new bed for Christmas which he absolutely loved. Stupid me I took the bunk bed apart w/ Jeff's help and carried the metal thing down stairs. I shoveled snow and icy slushy snow. The next day unfortunately I could barely get out bed to go the bathroom. It was horrible not to have too much info here but I even held it in for 3 hrs just so I wouldn't have to get out of bed. I have been laying around the house mostly in bed for 5 days now, I am about to rip my hair out. So not a ton of exciting stuff for me to even write about here so I will leave you all with that.
Happy New Years everyone!

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