Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why can't people just be happy with what they have?

Why is it in our society these days is no one happy with what they have? I mean why was it years and years ago people were just happy with having food on the table, and a roof over their heads? Now we all want the best and newest techno thing out there. I mean my family is a great example for that. We can't afford it but my husband insists on us having the new game systems out there. I mean we have everyone out there. Like somehow the newer one is going to bring much more joy to our life's then the last. I do admit for a short time it does bring us joy, but that time is short lived. If we could afford it I know he would want a boat, and trips everywhere and anything else that money could buy like that can give us joy. I guess I kind of don't feel like I live in that same frame of mind. I am grateful that I have food on the table the kids are clothed, and they get to do extra activities. I would rather have family vacations, time spent wisely and with lots of love, and lots of joy then ITEMS!
My kids ask me a lot why we don't go places or do things like a lot of their friends. The kids go to a school that well lets just say it the families are all very well off. My response to them is we have a dad that works very hard for what we have and if we wanted he could be gone as much as most of their friends dads are and go places and have THINGS. I say "isn't it nicer to have a daddy who provides just enough for us, and can also be home when we need him?" I really try to instill in my kids to be successful in life does not mean that you have to make a ton of money. That you can work hard for your money but also have time to raise a family or be in a family.
Maybe this really doesn't make any sense but, I just get annoyed by the world deciding that you aren't successful if you can't afford all the things that people see as SUCCESS.


Staci said...

I completely understand! I'm sure it's rough when they see their friends with the latest toys, but having time with family is so much more important. Even if it gets to them now, I'm sure one day they'll look back and be happy with how things were.

Kristin said...

This is so true! We want more and more!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. It's a lot of peer pressure I think. You think we'd outgrow it as adults but we don't. Honestly, we are seeing right now how these dumb-ass people have had to have these million dollar houses, brand new cars, every kind of new electronic appliance,etc. Then the economy has gone to crap and they lose it all! If they just would've bought average size houses and used cars,etc, they might not have lost everything! We had a guy up here who was in that situation just kill himself. (Not to depress you or anything.) We used to spend a lot more on electronics and stuff, but found that our kids would just destroy stuff and not appreciate it, so we spend a lot less on that kind of stuff now (although Jason does have to have HIS newer video games).

Anonymous said...

I always think about what people talk about on their death bed and it's always special time with family not the extra car they bought.