Friday, January 9, 2009


So I am very blessed with amazing friends and they unexpectedly do things for me all the time to just show me they care about me. One of my closest friends Liz has been a very supportive friend to me and cares about me and my family so very much. She has helped me get a membership at a local gym here in town. She paid for my enrollment since Jeff isn't working how awesome was that? Well, so I decided this year I am going to try and pay it forward weekly. I was cruising the local Craigslist and there was a woman who was asking for help with diapers for her kid. Now normally I think "ohh that is sad." and just move on but, this week I felt like you know there have been times in our past that we couldn't pay for diapers and I have been fortunate enough to have a mother who was able to take care of her grand kids and buy those type of things for us. I remember those days where you find you are on your last diaper and you have to drag the kid around in a droopy wet diaper to the store. Well, this girl didn't have that option. So I wrote her and told her I wanted to help out. She was so very appreciative, and said I was the only one who had written her, and she didn't know what she was going to do. So off I went to Walmart, we don't have much right now so I couldn't buy her a huge box from Costco but, I felt good being able to help this young mom out. When I arrived at her home she was probably not more then 18 the house reeked of smoke, and at that moment whether that girl could have or couldn't have afforded diapers I felt like what I did was right.

So on Friday's from now on I will be writing about something someone has done for me, and writing about something I did for someone. It won't always be a monetary thing, but I hope it gets all of you guys thinking about the great people in your life's and maybe how can you PAY IT FORWARD too.
Have a fabulous Friday everyone I love you all so much!


Minxy Mimi said...

Thats great!!! We all need to remember that even the smallest kindness we do, may be huge to someone else!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! :-)

HeatherL said...

I bet it meant a lot to that mom! That's a great example to your kids too. Good job!!

Cat said...

That is so awesome, Mo. I bet that mom really appreciated it!