Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just a little Alex brag!

I am proud to say Alex is in Math and Reading TAG programs. Now for those who don't know that is (Talented and Gifted). HE actually exceeds the other students in his reading program and his teacher has decided that he can make up his own group if he likes. Now I don't know where he gets it all. I was not a great student, not like I flunked out or anything but never above grade level in anything. It makes me so happy to know that school is not a struggle for him. I know God really did grant him with these gifts to make up for having to be away form school so much. I am so happy ot announce since Alex's last surgery with his cecostomy he is healthy growing and a thriving guy. I wish we had known about the cecostomy surgery many many years ago, but I guess living with the what if's is not going to help anyone. So I am just grateful we did find the solution to his problems and I am so lucky to have such a smart and thriving 11 yr old.

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