Thursday, January 1, 2009

An eventful January 1, 2009

It has been quite windy here today with wind gusts of up to 60 MPH. Well, Miss Kate decided it would be fun to go outside and play in it. Sure why not I thought, I hear her laughing and pounding out on the porch. I look out the window to check on her and she is falling over from the huge wind gusts. It was so cute I wish I had a picture of her laughing and playing so innocently in the wind. She was telling me over and over that the big Pine in our backyard was going to fall over. I was like "Kate no way, you are so silly that tree is huge it is swaying a lot but, it is not going to fall over on our house". Well, 20 minutes later we are sitting upstairs and we hear a huge crashing sound. Not sure what to expect when we look out the window but, to our huge surprise our Pine, that Kate was telling me that was going to fall over YES, it fell over. It split about 15ft up from the ground. It fell backwards through our fence across the path and over the neighbors and hit their roof, actually branches broke through the roof. A branch went through their master bedroom. Luckily there was no one at home and no one on the path and my dear daughter was not outside anymore. This 80+ ft tree could have really done some disastrous deathly damage. I even started crying thinking my little girl was outside playing in just those spots 20 minutes earlier. God was definitely watching over our family and our neighbors today. I will post pictures tomorrow or you can go to my facebook if you want I have the pics available to anyone and everyone not just friends. So I hope tomorrow and the rest of our 2009 is definitely less eventful then today. Happy New years to you all again!

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