Saturday, January 3, 2009

Moriah's look back on 2008

Well, my look back on 2008. The #1 thing that stood out to me was I found myself again. I found through therapy not a long time of it but, just enough that I had a lot of issues I needed to deal with. Jeff and I were seriously on the brink of divorce, and we were able to find that spark and love and a true understanding of one another. I thank God for us getting so close and so hurt, and so sad, and mad and everything else. Because with out it, I would have not found the love of my life back. I was able to be OK with leaving my kids on school nights, or on the weekend to have me time. I met amazing women online and in my real life moms group. I have been able to meet women I know I will be Friends with for the rest of my life. I guess that is more then 1...LOL

Well, let me post some pics to show you what else has been our highs and lows.

Kate was DOROTHY!!! Oh it was so cute, she really couldn't have been any sweeter. We were all so proud of her.

Kate played soccer for the first time and boy was she good at it!

I met one of the best women in the world MY ERAN!

Jeff threw me an amazing Surprise Birthday Party...with almost all my closest friends!

Alex played soccer, and was such a sport freezing his booty off in 30 and below degrees. He was awesome I was so proud.

Riley split her chin open..Not so fun. She was in running club turned the corner and smacked right into a metal stair rail.

Alex broke his finger picking up a rock bigger then his head. I told him not to but he didn't listen, fractured it in three places, and ripped the top skin right off.

Riley had pneumonia and in this pic a 103.6 fever I believe. We wondered for about 5-6 months what was wrong with her and finally they figured it out this day that she probably had walking pneumonia the whole time.

Jake went down the water slide for the first time all by himself. I was so proud!
Jake this year had a bad one as well with three bouts of pneumonia 2 that put him in the hospital and one we were able to treat at home. Also to add onto that he had bronchitis poor child we also found out he has asthma.

Well, I will end it with this year has had some major downs but also major ups and here we all are at Thanksgiving. I was so thankful I had all of my family with me. We were all healthy, happy, and I truly am one blessed lady!


Toni said...

what a great post moriah

Minxy Mimi said...

Thats a great post! I loved seeing all the pictures and I am so glad things got better for you, even though you had to go thru the tough times to get there!

Jess @ NBP said...

Great post Moriah!

Love the family picture